It’s only just the beginning

So I am in Canada for the first time in my life and apart from it being french, at least where I am, I feel very comfortable if not to say home. Not only has my world done a 360 and put me from Australian summer to Canadian winter but it also put me back into the arms of the woman I want to be with.

Thankfully to the Wright brothers we are now able to fly around this planet in less than 24 hours. Man, it is truly amazing, we can sit in a chair in the air and watch movies and even get some sort of “food” at the altitude of around 10 km.

Take that in… why does no one clap anymore when we land?

Anyway, Canada showed off with all the amazing colours in Autumn and I was practising my camera skills.


So what happened you wonder?

Well the story continues and Lysanne and I are back together and it even seems that our relationship is stronger than before.

After all, letting go only made room for new ways of being together, yes it was hard at times going through the pain of being alone again, but finally after I accepted it, it did a u-turn.

Quite a dramatic one, I have to add. Even though Lys had decided to go back home and do her own thing we were still very much in contact at the time and that was something we both didn’t really want because it just makes a break up so much harder to process, but hey there was always love and who wants to be alone anyway?

After a while it just became too hard for me and so I called it off again. This time it took, maybe a week until she called me again, but there was a shake in her voice that told me something wasn’t right.

She had a car accident with her brother driving and luckily even though the car was a ride off, no one got injured during the accident. It was quite a traumatic experience and it made her realise that she wanted to spend her life with me. Surround herself with the people that she cares and loves and so she asked me if I was willing to come and see her in Canada.

Guess what I answered?

Sad that we have to have almost a death near experience to realise what we actually want out of life. But in a twisted weird way I am glad that this accident happened otherwise I may still be in Australia.

And so the love story continues and hopefully never ends.

Now it comes down to me figuring a way out to stay in Canada for at least a couple of month a year and also make an income happening. There are so many things out there and luckily we live in a day and age where online income is not out of reach at all.

I am about to head back to Australia and will take the time to set myself up, so that I can spend more time in Canada with my beautiful girlfriend and work on my photography skills… Ciao for now, Hendrik


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Send me back to Canada



Where am I now?

Woowza, timezone change and sleep pattern is screwed up! Why you ask?

Well if you have been following my blog, you most likely have discovered that it was a lot about heartbreak and growth. Becoming a better version of myself why also processing a break up that wasn’t for seen and has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Not necessarily in a bad way, well it just isn’t always easy, this life of ours and the relationships that come with it.

Anyway, so I am in Canada right now. Boom!


I have met up with this woman of mine. She wrote on her last letter to me that she loves me and that we will see each other again. This seemed far fetched for me, because I just couldn’t see it at the time (3 month ago now), since I guess I was also using my logic brain to figure things out.
It works perfect sometimes and other times its better to leave the logic brain at home.

Anyway, trust in it, is what she said! So i tried.

It’s quite amazing what the universe can move for you, if only you know what you want and are clear about it.

Well, here I am in the land of maple sirup and moose and bears, which so far I have only seen maple sirup, oh and red dear!!!! Its a very beautiful country from what I can tell after 3 days of being here and I was lucky enough to arrive at just the right time in autumn for when the leaves turn red and yellow and then they drop. This sometimes happens within a couple of days. But I got some good photos I think. I will post them later, since I forgot the camera cable at home.

What now you ask? Now it is the time to connect with the land and its people and particularly with my woman. Will I move here, will we move somewhere else or what is going to happen. First of all we need to trust in the situation and I think from where we have come from, with deportation and travelling half the world, man there is much more exciting stuff ahead of us.

Isn’t this amazing? We have this massive planet and yet it’s become such a small playground for some of us.

I have friends all over the world and it takes maximum a day to fly there and visit them.


So this love story isn’t over yet, which I am very happy about.

I guess the moral of this story is that no matter what happens if it is meant to happen it will happen, even though it is hard to see at times and maybe impossible for the mind to figure out but sometimes life changing circumstances ( like a car accident)  have to happen to bring you back to your loved ones. Oh yeah, that happened, luckily no one got injured just a big shock and a wake up call. So yeah the universe has interesting ways to bring you back together, so trust in it, trust in yourself and follow the pass of love and least resistance.

On that note, ciao for now,




Happy Monday’s

IMG_6494It was a Monday morning, like most Monday mornings, they are not my favourite day of the week. But it turned out to be a good one.

We started work pretty late and as I was working away as the wind was starting to pick up. Now most of you go what, why is that important? Well, if you must know I am a kitesurfer and I get excited like a monkey in a banana plantation! It turns me literally into a child and I want to drop everything and go out and play. I think all my kitesurf friends can relate.

After a couple of month recovering from my sprained foot, I am finally back in the water and it is the best to turn any mundane day into, ok I am ready to die today day!

Even though this Monday wasn’t a mundane one:)

By the way if you want to learn to kite, shoot me a message on facebook/kitewindwater .

So anyway, after getting home and seeing my friends kite from far over the ocean I got down to the beach as quick as I could. It felt like I had to run against the clock, only a couple of minutes left of daylight and who knows what the wind was going to do. I got to the beach set up changed from my work clothes into my wetsuit and of I went.

Double front roll, followed by a nice big air and just screams of joy. At this stage there was only my friend Arry out and I and to our astonishment some whales were breaching just 25 m ahead of us, as in just to say what a beautiful Monday it is, isn’t it? In whalish of course…

So there you have it, the best thing to do, if you feel a bit too much in your head if life pulls you down and you don’t see a way out. Sport, really any kind of sport is great for your heart and mind and body and soul.

By the look of it, we will be kiting again today in Bruns  so come and join us if you like!

Have a happy week everyone and ciao for now,


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routine is the enemy


When I am listening to the elderly generation they all say a similar thing, “I was just a teenager and I turn around and I am 80. What happened?

There is something in our society that speeds time up like nothing else and it is called routine.

From an early age we get put into routine, it is just a “normal” thing to do, starting with kindergarten, preschool, high school and so on… We get a completely designed life path since the day we hit kindergarten and swoosh, you are an adult who is supposed to know by now what to do with the rest of his life. Hmm, have you figured it out yet?


How about now?

And now?

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