The Moon is round!

Just as I was getting back into shape again and pushing myself to new limits. Like I would get out of bed and not even look at the coffee machine, instead I would put on my running shoes and go for a run.

The last time I can think of running must have been at school, so a long long time ago.

Well it’s really good and especially when it is a little bit too busy upstairs, then going for a run just clears your mind and helps to refocus.

Especially when there is such a big moon going around like right now.

I was always kind of skeptical with the moon having an effect on our mood or behaviors but I guess it makes sense since the moon moves the ocean around, surely it has an effect on us humans. Since we are like 80% water or something like that…

I was wondering why I felt like borderline schizo, until one of my friends mentioned that we just had a full moon go bye. Ah it clicked and I could relax a little.

So hey don’t stress out there, if you don’t have it all together just yet. Don’t worry too much since the moon is still trying to swoosh the ocean around the planet.

Have a lovely week guys,

Ciao for now, Hendrikgood-night-2904747_640


Where am I now?

Woowza, timezone change and sleep pattern is screwed up! Why you ask?

Well if you have been following my blog, you most likely have discovered that it was a lot about heartbreak and growth. Becoming a better version of myself why also processing a break up that wasn’t for seen and has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions.

Not necessarily in a bad way, well it just isn’t always easy, this life of ours and the relationships that come with it.

Anyway, so I am in Canada right now. Boom!


I have met up with this woman of mine. She wrote on her last letter to me that she loves me and that we will see each other again. This seemed far fetched for me, because I just couldn’t see it at the time (3 month ago now), since I guess I was also using my logic brain to figure things out.
It works perfect sometimes and other times its better to leave the logic brain at home.

Anyway, trust in it, is what she said! So i tried.

It’s quite amazing what the universe can move for you, if only you know what you want and are clear about it.

Well, here I am in the land of maple sirup and moose and bears, which so far I have only seen maple sirup, oh and red dear!!!! Its a very beautiful country from what I can tell after 3 days of being here and I was lucky enough to arrive at just the right time in autumn for when the leaves turn red and yellow and then they drop. This sometimes happens within a couple of days. But I got some good photos I think. I will post them later, since I forgot the camera cable at home.

What now you ask? Now it is the time to connect with the land and its people and particularly with my woman. Will I move here, will we move somewhere else or what is going to happen. First of all we need to trust in the situation and I think from where we have come from, with deportation and travelling half the world, man there is much more exciting stuff ahead of us.

Isn’t this amazing? We have this massive planet and yet it’s become such a small playground for some of us.

I have friends all over the world and it takes maximum a day to fly there and visit them.


So this love story isn’t over yet, which I am very happy about.

I guess the moral of this story is that no matter what happens if it is meant to happen it will happen, even though it is hard to see at times and maybe impossible for the mind to figure out but sometimes life changing circumstances ( like a car accident)  have to happen to bring you back to your loved ones. Oh yeah, that happened, luckily no one got injured just a big shock and a wake up call. So yeah the universe has interesting ways to bring you back together, so trust in it, trust in yourself and follow the pass of love and least resistance.

On that note, ciao for now,




Caught up in addiction


and I am not talking about drugs like heroin, I mean like the addictions to my phone or the internet, where I start with a good intention and then 5 minutes later , bam why am I watching puppies on youtube again? Or I decide to be kind to myself after a hard day of work and instead of reading a book or going to the gym (something I have been meaning to do far too long) and adding some new knowledge to my repertoire, I just end up in front of Netflix eating my favourite chocolate. Ahh yeah luckily I don’t put weight on otherwise I would be in big trouble… haha get it big!

Anyway what can I do about my addictions and there are so many. I guess the first step is to actually realise that I have addictions and what they are.

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Man how I love these moments where you have an insight about your life, someone just picks you up on something and you realise, damn is that what is wrong with me?

Well first of all nothing is wrong with me, I am perfect the way I am, but you know what I mean, there is always room for improvement. We are here to evolve into the amazing beings that we are. Let’s grow together. Continue reading “”

Start creating


Do you find yourself trapped in your mind? You know you are not really living your purpose but fear keeps control of you and you procrastinate rather than go out there and do what you really desire. Deep down you know you have so much more to give than your 9-5 daily grind and it eats you up from the inside. What can you do? How can we live the life we are supposed to live?

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