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Hey friends and fans and creepy stalkers, thanks for being so patient with me. I thought building a website was going to be a lot quicker than it turned out. But I am glad to say, that I did it. Is it perfect? Yes. Can it be improved? Absolutely. Am I happy with it? Hell yeah.

For everyone who has been following me here, can now do so on

The Aim of this website is to keep motivating you to be you.

To share personal stories of joy and pain. No judgement.( you can always stay anonymous)

To create a community of people that want to make a difference in their life.

To inspire others to do the same.

I will be posting weekly and I also welcome guest authors to post on my site.

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Only more failure can lead to more success.





Just a new beginning!

Hey guys I am going to put this blog on pause for a while since I am building a better more exciting interactive version of this! The address will stay the same but it will have a different look and feel. Also I will only post once a week!

What day would you guys like me to post?

I am thinking Tuesday’s is a good day, but then everyday is a good day!

So let me know what you think and I will be working hard so I can come up with a better blog!

Ciao for now, Hendrik


Don’t believe what you think!

When you don’t cover up the world with words and labels, a sense of the miraculous returns to your life.

We are identifying too much with thought and or our body.

I am guilty of this too but I am offering to take the step out of the false identification, the ego.

We don’t want to completely get rid of it, but we want to be able to recognize it and therefore not to be in charge of our life.

The person who claims to got rid of the ego, is fooled by the ego telling him or her that he is free of ego.

The ego is a master of finding new ways to return. If you take away one kind of identification the ego will quickly find another.

I identify myself with some things like my motorbike and my kites and my bass guitar and after realizing that I wanted to be more free from ego I thought if I sell all my stuff I would be free.

Ding dong and that’s when the ego starts to identify with me not having much stuff.

If you identify yourself with the things you posses and if you get more of that then you will be more. Yeah noooo

I find the best way to be in charge is to be in my body. What I mean by that is to consciously make the effort to feel the inner body to be aware of the energy inside.

The ego can only exist in the past, so being in your body puts you in a state of presence and there is no room for ego.

Above all, the ego isn’t personal. It isn’t who you are. If you consider the ego to be your personal problem, that’s just more ego.

Tricky right?

So we have the form of identification with items we have, which is pretty short lived. Soon the feeling of wanting more comes , in fact wanting is even more power for the ego. It can dwell on the wanting for much longer.

Then there is the body identification. You are what you look like!

Tough on the ones that look good, because once their looks fade they become miserable or depressed since they are identified by the way they look. But also people that have disabilities, imperfections or illness can make that into their form of identity.

So the best way to be is in the present moment.

Not always easy but if you keep meditating and become more aware of the ego in your day to day life you will start feeling much more happier and content.

I highly recommend to read Eckhart Tolle’s book which I have linked to The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment here, it has been a huge help on my journey and I am sure it can help you on yours.

Alrighty, time to jump in the ocean.

Ciao for now, Hendrik

Is it too late to start a new life?


Don’t try to figure it out, your mind isn’t able to see this far, it is designed to protect you and keep you where you are.

I feel like I am a prisoner of my own mind and it can get pretty intense at times and make me feel immobilized.

I wonder if it will stay like this forever, but I wonder the same when I am in a joyful state too. So how do I gain control, or better how can I steer it in the right direction?

How many of us are feeling that the job they are doing isn’t what they are supposed to do but they have the financial pressure to pay the bills and support the family?

How many are in a relationship that doesn’t fulfill you and or is abusive, but we are too scared to take the leap, because we have learned to receive love and attention that way.

The way of us staying small.

Are you small? Don’t you think there is this unlimited source this version of you that is god like and free and knows and trusts?

I do, but I am just as scared as you to go and do this step, this big leap that appears to threaten who I am now.

Exactly it is killing the old me and that is what scares the mind.

The heart knows and is infinite and love and only wants to grow and heal the whole world. Well, there you have it I am taking my first leap and I am going to take you by the hand and do the same, because we are this amazing creatures that needs to glow and express the love that is deep down inside of us and I encourage you to grow with me together.

You don’t need to figure out the how, just try and think of the why? Why do you want to have a different career or different relationship.

Knowing the why is going to help you move and the how will come all by itself.

Trust you. Like I really mean it trust your capabilities, trust in yourself and the universe.

I mean what do you have to loose if you think you should write a book or become a mentor, if none of these things work you can actually just get your old shitty job back.

It’s not going to be the end of the world, it is going to be the end of an old part of you that no longer serves you. Now that is a step forward.

Is it scary? Hell yeah! Are you going to regret it? When you are lying in your death bed and you are reflecting on the things you achieved in your life will you be thanking yourself and me for writing this article to kick your arse, no serious would you be more happy to tell your grand kids and nieces and nephew, to go and follow their dreams because the only thing of value we have in this life is time.

Don’t waste it!

Ciao for now, Hendrik

Love you all.

Shoot me a message and connect with me on instagram if you like. All the best!

If you can think it you can have it!


How easy does it sound? Yet for some of us it is quite the struggle, am I right?

Never the less it is possible and with a lot of discipline we can achieve our biggest dreams.

The problem, I think a lot of us have is that we focus on the end result and we see the goal in our mind, whether it is financial freedom or the loving partner that we want to attract…

Too often we get overwhelmed buy the end goal and we completely forget about the beauty that lies in the journey there.

I feel that there has been a shift in consciousness, evolution hasn’t stopped.

Don’t fear the AI or the drones that drop the parcel on your doorstep. This planet is getting a lot more crazy than it is already. With that comes a challenge for us to stay in the now.

All the distractions we are putting on ourselves, be it mobile phones and advertisements, they are just a triggers for us to really focus on the inside and realize the external is a reflection of the chaos inside.

I choose to live in a small town surrounded by lush nature because it resonates better with my being. To me a city is like cancer. In fact, go to google maps and zoom out of the planet until its just continents and you see all these big cities that look like pulsating cells absorbing their surroundings to feed them.

It is interesting times and challenging times but, it is also the times of opportunity and chance. Never has it been easier to create an income from home, with the help of the internet. Never have we been closer connected yet further apart.

It has its pro’s and con’s, sure but let’s focus on the dream the purpose that is inside all of us, that some of us are living but not all.

So I am encouraging you to go and grab a piece of paper and think about what your purpose in this life is. But I want you to write it down not just once but a hundred times and change it up until it feels right.

I want you to feel it, to resonate with what you are writing until it makes you cry.

Yeah, you heard me right! “Hang on, I can only hear me, well that little voice in my head that is writing this so effortlessly.”

Yeah, so write and write it may only take you 20 min, if you are really in touch with yourself or it may take you an hour or 3.

The key is don’t give up. It’s not easy because your mind will trick you into thinking, oh yeah, found it now I can go back to watching TV or whatever meaningless thing I was doing before I started reading this awesome blog and tell my friends all about it.

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haha, so say no to your mind, you don’t need its help right now because you are trying to communicate with your soul.

Keep writing until you cry.

Keep writing until you cry.

Keep writing until you cry.

Ciao for now, Hendrik


The struggle is real or is it?


I don’t know about you but I am freaking out sometimes and only because my mind allows me to. I wake up in the same bed, with the same roof over my head, food is on the table and I am surrounded by amazing people.

So really nothing to complain, right?

According to United Nations 1.6 billion don’t even have a proper house and 844 million don’t have decent water to drink.

When I read these numbers I wonder what I am concerned about in my life?

Why can’t I always be happy?

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Are you gifted?

So here I am sitting in my apartment, wondering how the hell I ended up here again so quick.

Time flies when you are having fun right?!?

And fun we did have! Also quite time, cuddle time and conversation time.

Also big fat cat on my belly time!


Nah he isn’t that fat just loves to get on top of you no matter what awkward position you might be in at the moment.

So what next you are probably wondering? Yeah I have it all sorted out in my head but I still need to turn it into reality. That is the part where I am noticing big behavior patterns coming up again and falling into bad habits.

So what do I do, how can I stop that from happening again. Hang on maybe let me clarify a bit more what I am actually talking about.

I know everyone has there own challenges in life and I believe our mission is to face them and to step through to a higher version (spiritually speaking) of yourself. There really is only two choices that we have to make, we can either grow/evolve into a different you or stay still/stagnate and repeat patterns, until we have done it so many times we finally change it or we take it underground.

I believe we then get reincarnated and have to do it all over again just in a different tool/body but hey that’s what I like to believe in.

One of my biggest challenges in this life is to feel worthy and create a healthy income that sustains my lifestyle. In this day and age there are so many possibilities to start your own business and make a living yet I was conditioned to believe that I need to exchange my time for money and work hard to make a good living and I have worked hard and I didn’t get a uni degree, I always felt like I am going to show them and become successful without a degree. There is a part of me that still believes that and wants that, but there is another part that say’s you can’t do that, you don’t have the qualification.

Generally we are lazy beings, beings of comfort oh yeah and it is so nice to be lazy sometimes, but then I have this part in my head that makes me feel guilty about not doing anything. I know deep down I can achieve anything I put my mind too. For crying out loud I moved to Australia to start a new life not knowing how I was going to do it but it all flowed because I was in alignment and I wanted it real bad.

I learned to speak English, not at school, no I quit English at 10th grade and replaced it with Italian. Not that I can still speak Italian but hey …I can do the English a little.

So I guess we have to learn to kick that part of doubt in the butt and focus on what our hearts deepest desire is because only then we can life a fulfilled life. It takes time and hard work and dedication, but it is a different kind of hard work because it is in alignment with your gift. We all have a gift but so many of us are too afraid to tap into that gift and take the leap.

I wish so much for my readers for myself that we gather our strength and take a step towards our deep down our truth our gift and make your world and the world around you a better place

I believe we can do it.

Ciao for now, Hendrik.

As always love to hear from you guys and answer your emails, leave a comment and a like.