The Moon is round!

Just as I was getting back into shape again and pushing myself to new limits. Like I would get out of bed and not even look at the coffee machine, instead I would put on my running shoes and go for a run.

The last time I can think of running must have been at school, so a long long time ago.

Well it’s really good and especially when it is a little bit too busy upstairs, then going for a run just clears your mind and helps to refocus.

Especially when there is such a big moon going around like right now.

I was always kind of skeptical with the moon having an effect on our mood or behaviors but I guess it makes sense since the moon moves the ocean around, surely it has an effect on us humans. Since we are like 80% water or something like that…

I was wondering why I felt like borderline schizo, until one of my friends mentioned that we just had a full moon go bye. Ah it clicked and I could relax a little.

So hey don’t stress out there, if you don’t have it all together just yet. Don’t worry too much since the moon is still trying to swoosh the ocean around the planet.

Have a lovely week guys,

Ciao for now, Hendrikgood-night-2904747_640


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