The struggle is real or is it?


I don’t know about you but I am freaking out sometimes and only because my mind allows me to. I wake up in the same bed, with the same roof over my head, food is on the table and I am surrounded by amazing people.

So really nothing to complain, right?

According to United Nations 1.6 billion don’t even have a proper house and 844 million don’t have decent water to drink.

When I read these numbers I wonder what I am concerned about in my life?

Why can’t I always be happy?

Well happiness is a state of mind and when your mind has been poisoned from an early age on it is a big challenge to reset it. I am not blaming my parents for how they brought us up, because to them it was the best way to raise a child.

And I did have an amazing childhood, well a typical middle class family one.

Dad was always working and mom raised us. They tried everything in their power to give us what we wanted and I believe I was a little drama child.

I learned if only I create enough drama, I will receive what I want. Well if it wasn’t too expensive. That was a breaking point and a crush in my believe that we are abundant and can have what we want.

Unfortunately my parents lack and fear of not having enough money has been put into my subconscious. But I can’t be angry at them and it is my stuff to carry, my issues to work out.

It is totally doable and that’s why I am here doing this. You are not alone, hell I am not alone with this struggle in my head and I preach about meditation and sports to get out of your head and follow your heart.


Does it work? Hell yeah. Click here if you want a free copy of my daily routine!

Absolutely I couldn’t agree more.

Will it instantly fix your negativity or worries about your life? No, but it is a step in the right direction and it gives hope.

I am personally being challenged again with my self worthiness, which i believe is very closely related to my financial situation.

As much as I meditate over it my mind is in fight or flight mode and it is scary as hell. It takes a lot of my energy and makes me feel shit about myself.

Yes, I can focus on the good things in my life but when you are not sure how you are going to pay your next bill, then it is really not easy to focus on the good for very long.

I know the rule is you need to feel it first until you can receive it. But can you apply this all the time? Check out these Books to show you what I mean.

What if I can apply it only for a minute and then the rest is all about loss and not enough.

Trying to fill  the void with things, yeah I tried that. Fail! Not only material things but anything that can get you a little taste of that dopamine.

I had to learn it for myself though, I believe we all need to make these steps and learn ourselves. It is part of spiritually growth.

Is there hope for us?

Yes absolutely!

Alone, it is hard but what if we do it together. What if you hold your friends by the hand and move together. This experience is the most beautiful thing in the world, but when you see all the anger and hatred in the world and all the starving children, the animal abuse the polluted water and the dirty air. What is left?

Is there hope left. What if all becomes too much??

Should we just give up and hide under a blanket or worse jump of a cliff.

We can’t carry the world on our shoulder buy ourselves, but we can open each others eyes and reach out. Share the excess that we have in our so perfect first world. Who needs all this crap? Do you really need 3 cars? Fair enough if that is what your heart is telling you to be happy, so be it. But is that really your heart speaking to you?? Listen carefully.

Let our egos diminish and free us from the ego brain, that should be a goal of so many of us.

Be humble we all have had something bad happen to us. We all have lost someone in our life but I want us to welcome the fear and the anger and the sadness with love.

Because what do we see when Love hits the fan and not fear or shit? Excuse my french…

I have felt overwhelmed far too long and I have had suicidal thoughts. Why, because of money! Because of debt, because my heart is longing for more but I am so blocked by fear that it seems easier to jump.  That is the easy way out and it is not even coming from my heart but my mind, which is cowardly and untrue. Because deep down I know how beautiful life is and I think you do too.

Is this scary for some of you to read? I am sure because on my social media it all looks like happy life and so on. Because the real struggle is in the head.

I am crying out because I want to keep growing. I want to keep exercising and meditating and helping people along the way, because I feel that is my calling. And I’d rather give this a real go than be lying at my death bed and wondering what if.

I know I am not the only one with such issues and I want to create a space where you can come and feel safe and not judged and where you can express your fears and let them go. Realizing you are not alone.

Because when love hits the fan the world changes.

These are amazing times, the internet has brought us closer than ever. I can talk to my sister on the other side of the planet in seconds and even see her children through the screen.

You can become a YouTube star, or Instagram model and make a living that way. You can buy cheap products from china and sell them for 3 times the price on the other side. There is so many ways to make money, but there is also a lot of jobs being replaced by robots and AI isn’t a thing of the future anymore either.

Its all changing and is it changing too fast?

For some of us maybe, we can’t blame it onto our parents or the circumstances we live in. But get up every day and go for what your heart is saying. This is exactly what I want to encourage everyone to do. I am doing it and it scares the living s#@t out of me. Because for so long I was lazy and just followed rules and orders. I failed with most of my jobs, or to put it in different words I was not in alignment with my inner calling.

Do I now my inner calling? How do I find it?

Am I going to fail again, sure but this time I believe in it and I won’t just get the next crappy job just to pay my rent and then be so exhausted at the end of the day that I don’t have any energy left to follow my heart, my passion…

That is it for now, I hope it motivates you to be the amazing you that you are !!!

Ciao for now, Hendrik

Leave a comment or shoot me a message, I’d love to hear about your struggles 😉



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