What if I don’t do it?

What if I would have not followed my heart?

What if I would have stayed at home? How could my life be different? Well you will never know until you try.

Is it scary, yes for sure. Is the reward amazing?

Most likely. You don’t know until you have tried it and I highly encourage anyone that is not happy with the job they are in or the unfulfilled marriage the live, to listen to their heart and do the only thing that is worth doing.

Follow your dreams and fuck it. Just go for it, worst case scenario you get another shitty job you don’t like but you will never know what could have been if you didn’t try.

So fuck it, jump into the deep end and go for it. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t like.

Will it take discipline and hard work and dedication? Yep, but if you are in alignment with yourself it will also come very playful and with ease.

Was there ever any doubt to go to Canada?

Not on my side, but I had a few guys that seemed very concerned about my decision to go to Canada. I could only say, don’t worry I can only win in this situation, whether it is just a trip to Canada or actually a reunion and a new start with my lady.

I am sorry to disappoint the nay sayer’s but it was even more than a reunion and an amazing trip. It was a kick in my own ass not living in fear and worrying but trusting my heart and following it.

I still struggle in certain areas with that, but not when it comes to Lysanne!

So happy and excited for the future,

Ciao for now, Hendrik.






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