Why all this?


So why am I actually writing a blog?

I do it because it has become an outlet for me, I remember back in the day when I was a little boy, the first thing I would do when I get stressed out about my parents having a fight, I would lock myself into my room and play music and write. I wouldn’t necessarily call them lyrics but more like little poems of sorts.

It felt good to write out what circus was going on in my mind and not be judged for it. Never would I have thought that it might interest anyone rather than this becoming a blog.   Well it did actually turn into some songs back then but more like punky heavy screamo rock stuff.

Funny enough I didn’t have a traumatising childhood like many others, but I guess whatever is wrong in your little world means everything to you!

So I started writing and I actually never thought that I was any good at it, thanks to my german teacher who never gave me good grades. No I see how screwed up the school system is and well I will not send my children to that horse crap, since you don’t really learn anything about life. Anyway that is a different subject.

So writing and this is my second language is become an outlet again, for heartbreak , as you can see in the other articles and generally letting out what wants to come out.

I believe we all have something amazing to share with this planet and it’s humans but have you found your way of doing it yet?

Whether it is through writing a blog or songs or making pottery, dancing or whatever it may be. Let’s not hold back and just start.

There is two kinds of people in this world. The ones that see the beautiful outcome and the ones that see the long daunting way there. Which one will you be?

Ciao for now, Hendrik


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