I see your curls in my dreams short and golden they bounce in the sunset over the ocean. Feeling your arms rapped around my shoulders hold me tight, hold me tight this might be our last night. 

You never know when it’s gonna end so enjoy every moment well spent and be the light that you are since we are galaxies within stars. 

Maybe one day we wake up from this dream called life and wonder what the fuss was all about? 

Reunited with all and non. 

Until then let’s be the sun. My unborn sons and daughters, don’t make the same mistakes I did be new and free and stay off the grid. Shine like only you can shine, grow like only you can grow. 

This is the therapy that I take, I let it out don’t care if it’s fake get a rake and shake a leg. I’m done for today hurray. 

P.s.: just do what feels right and be happy. 

Hope you enjoy 

Ciao for now, hendrik 


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