Happy Monday’s

IMG_6494It was a Monday morning, like most Monday mornings, they are not my favourite day of the week. But it turned out to be a good one.

We started work pretty late and as I was working away as the wind was starting to pick up. Now most of you go what, why is that important? Well, if you must know I am a kitesurfer and I get excited like a monkey in a banana plantation! It turns me literally into a child and I want to drop everything and go out and play. I think all my kitesurf friends can relate.

After a couple of month recovering from my sprained foot, I am finally back in the water and it is the best to turn any mundane day into, ok I am ready to die today day!

Even though this Monday wasn’t a mundane one:)

By the way if you want to learn to kite, shoot me a message on facebook/kitewindwater .

So anyway, after getting home and seeing my friends kite from far over the ocean I got down to the beach as quick as I could. It felt like I had to run against the clock, only a couple of minutes left of daylight and who knows what the wind was going to do. I got to the beach set up changed from my work clothes into my wetsuit and of I went.

Double front roll, followed by a nice big air and just screams of joy. At this stage there was only my friend Arry out and I and to our astonishment some whales were breaching just 25 m ahead of us, as in just to say what a beautiful Monday it is, isn’t it? In whalish of course…

So there you have it, the best thing to do, if you feel a bit too much in your head if life pulls you down and you don’t see a way out. Sport, really any kind of sport is great for your heart and mind and body and soul.

By the look of it, we will be kiting again today in Bruns  so come and join us if you like!

Have a happy week everyone and ciao for now,


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