Holding on to both worlds

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Sometimes in life we have to make decisions that seem hard and painful almost crazy if you ask me. I don’t want to leave this habit of mine, it has served me so well in the past… “Hmm yeah but you have moved on you are grown out of it”.

It could just be eating too much chocolate, guilty!

So why do we for example hold on to friends that no longer serve us as friends?

Yes we may have had a great connection once upon a time, but people change. If you are holding on to the old you are not making room for the new. Whether it be a relationship that no longer is of value to you or a friend who keeps making nasty jokes about you and still you keep having him/her around because you don’t want to be alone.

Cut it out!

But aren’t you more alone with someone that makes you feel empty or even hurt. Let it go and allow new space in. The new can come and wow, if it brings up all these emotions of not wanting to be alone or of recognition then let it come and just accept it.

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Ciao for now, Hendrik


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