It’s not over

So I got this story to tell you,

I am in love with a beautiful woman, who is courages and strong, who is sexy and smart and we are the perfect match for each other. We met here in Australia, at Wategos Beach and it all moved pretty quick from there. I guess you know it when you know it!

Sometimes we thought argh, we are almost too similar, same or similar issues that we have to deal with in our life but it just flowed beautifully until the Australian government kicked her out of the country! I know working on a tourist visa doesn’t look to good, but how can you survive living in such an expensive country for several month without having to work? You have to be loaded.

Oh well, we thought let this just be a challenge for the love that we have for each other and so it was. We decided on going to NZ since it was close to my home and according to customs it was also possible for her to come to NZ and live and work legally. So after 3 month of just skyping and talking on the phone we thought we will meet again in Auckland. I ended up getting some work as a kitesurf instructor and flew back to Australia to pick up the rest of my belongings. Ready for the new adventure being with my woman in a new country.

The day finally came were she arrived to Auckland and as I was waiting at the airport, I was getting nervous that something wasn’t quite right. She should have walked through the gate by now. Finally after an hour or so of waiting I got a phone call from my woman from the other side of the gate. She was weeping and I just ended up on my ass when I heard that they refused to let her in and will send her home on the next plane. Not to Canada this time, just to San Francisco. It was devastating news and at that moment I wasn’t sure what the universe was trying to tell us. Anyway I thought stay strong tell her not to worry and be sure that we will make it work some other way.

She flew back to San Francisco and stayed there for two more weeks while I sold most of my belongings and packed a backpack to meet her in Thailand.

Thailand it was and finally after almost 4 month we could hold each other in our arms again. She picked me up in Phuket and we made our way to Koh Lanta to spend a month together on the Island. I remember walking out of customs in Phuket and seeing my woman there waiting for me. Seeing her there was the best thing in the world. It felt like I was whole again and the part of me that was missing is finally back.

We spend an amazing month on Koh Lanta and had some great insides about our relationship and just pure innocent love for each other.

We decided to carry on with our journey and a couple of month later we found ourselves in Sri Lanka. I was again working as a kitesurf instructor and she worked as a yoga teacher. Everything seemed like it was heading the right direction, next stop europe and there we can start our life together. We would get a job and work towards living in Australia together. But she had different plans and the fact that we had to start somewhere completely new didn’t sit well with her.

Now she is going back to Canada and starts completely new on her own! Yeah I guess there is some family there to support her and there is also a country that supports her, but the love of her life isn’t. (If I am ?)

I had to do what I had to do and call it off after she did once before and then changed her mind again from break up to just a break to wanting to be with me again. I guess this whole story shows that love has no boundaries and sometimes even though you meet your soulmate, you might still end up on your own. I do believe that if we are meant to be together we will be together, but putting so much pressure on one another just to be with someone doesn’t feel fair on both levels. I miss her and I love her but I have to let her go. This is probably one of the hardest things I have done in my life and I really hope that the universe will lead us together in a different way. You just have to trust I guess and let it be.

Back to my normal posts again soon…Me and Lys

Ciao for now.


2 thoughts on “It’s not over”

    1. Yeah that’s it, life is full of mystery and even though I think I am shutting something down new doors might just open and align everything I ask for. Thanks for the comment 🙂


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