What to do when not knowing what to do?


Just do nothing. Like really just stare at the sky and feel the wind in your hair and be… just be in the moment on this planet right now. Remind yourself that all our problems are just in our heads. That moment you stop and look up into the sky, no matter where you are we all look at the same sky. If you miss home, or are scared of a situation that you have to face in the near future just look up and take a deep breath. You have it amazingly good if you have healthy food on your plate every night, a roof above your head and a comfy bed to sleep in that makes us the most blessed people on this planet. There is a lot of people who don’t have that, yet they are very happy people.

In fact every one in ten people has no access to clean drinking water.

So we run our busy life’s in order to pay the bills and buy the food and buy the stuff that we don’t need to impress people that we don’t know and we forget how huge this universe is and how small we actually are and our problems with it.

Love ourselves and love one another. Ah I sounds like I watched too many chick flicks lately, which I probably have but that’s not the point right now. Sometimes when you run into a person and they cross you in a way just in your head send them also love because that’s probably exactly what they need right now. Flood the whole world with love, through your thoughts, that is and see how things change and unfold in front of you.

Just a short one today but I’ll be back with more wisdom from my backyard on tuesday 🙂 until then have a great weekend and enjoy the sunny days.

Ciao for now, Hendrik and enjoy the cat.



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