Caught up in addiction


and I am not talking about drugs like heroin, I mean like the addictions to my phone or the internet, where I start with a good intention and then 5 minutes later , bam why am I watching puppies on youtube again? Or I decide to be kind to myself after a hard day of work and instead of reading a book or going to the gym (something I have been meaning to do far too long) and adding some new knowledge to my repertoire, I just end up in front of Netflix eating my favourite chocolate. Ahh yeah luckily I don’t put weight on otherwise I would be in big trouble… haha get it big!

Anyway what can I do about my addictions and there are so many. I guess the first step is to actually realise that I have addictions and what they are.

What are addictions? Well the world talks about the obvious alcohol and drugs but there are so many addictions, like the need for approval, the need to control people, stressing, worrying… didn’t think they were also addictions, did you?

And probably the biggest of them all is the addiction to our thoughts! Get this we are always thinking about the future or the past without even realising it, I mean you’re physically here right now but your thoughts are somewhere else. Whether you are worrying about the future or thinking about the past as soon as you do that resistance comes and you give that thought an almost life threatening quality. What if you just let it be and go with yeah, if I don’t get a standing ovation next time I tell a joke that’s ok. I will survive.

So when we are in resistance we tend to go into our addictions to come back into the present moment. Here are a few of mine

Instagram: tick

Facebook: getting away from it

Netflix: tick, maybe movies in general, I watch way too many of them and don’t live my own life enough. Like vicariously living through the movies. Dah who does that? Ahh I just wanted to use that word ↑↑

Coffee: tick and man I tried without it’s like the worst comedown ever… well for someone with such first world problems like me.

Chocolate: tick

Alcohol: yes and no, I do take the occasional break from it and I eat pretty healthy, but yeah beer is certainly one of my addictions(not an alcoholic though).

Smoking: 4 years smoke free, baby

Phone: tick

Wanting approval when I build something: tick

I am sure you can add your own things to this list and it can become pretty big. So now that I have defined my addictions what can I do about them?

Mostly it is an act out of unconsciousness, so the first and most important move to do, would be to recognise it while it is happening. Be aware of what you are doing and then focus on lets say your breath and ask yourself am I acting from my higher or my lower self? Pretty obvious answer I guess, but it brings you back to you current being.

The Now!


Accept that everything is happening because you are here to learn a lesson, acceptance is making you more aware of what is.

Maybe everything that you actually are is an addiction and you are constantly looking for an escape from yourself.

So to win that fight all we have to do is connect to ourself and feel the abundance and the amazing being that we actually are and addiction will fall off, because you are high from your natural being because you are giving the power to yourself and not your addictions.

And that’s it for today, ciao for now.



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