Man how I love these moments where you have an insight about your life, someone just picks you up on something and you realise, damn is that what is wrong with me?

Well first of all nothing is wrong with me, I am perfect the way I am, but you know what I mean, there is always room for improvement. We are here to evolve into the amazing beings that we are. Let’s grow together.

So I had a light bulb moment. Ping and on goes the light in the chamber upstairs called brain. So mine was commitment, the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc. is the meaning translated on the world wide web. Wow, that feels like
something so beautiful and why do we have commitment issues? Maybe because we are not sure if it is the right thing for us, or keep a door open so we can change things if this doesn’t work out. So it gives you a sense of freedom and when the shit hits the fan you can just turn around and walk away.

That also brings a some what unsatisfactory feeling of I don’t belong here or something is wrong with me…


Committing to something, like a job or sport or a relationship means throwing yourself into the unknown, not sure about the future, is this going to work out for me? Well, a good one to motivate you is to face yourself with the things you are going to miss out on if you don’t commit. Let’s say I want that relationship I’ve always dreamed about and well hello there, I find the perfect partner. Think of this, if you had the perfect partner would there be still room for improvement? Isn’t the purpose of a relationship to grow? Wouldn’t it be really boring if we all had the perfect partner and no challenges?

I am not saying look for someone you don’t match with and try to grow from that, no no way to hard. You need to have your core values matched, that is the foundation of a working, loving relationship. From there it’s a journey of growing together into the superbeing you can be together!

Nope I didn’t say it is going to be easy, but usually a difficult road leads to an amazing destination. Some quote, somewhere on the web.

And so it is on so many aspects of our life, if I want that well trained body, hmm I have to commit to doing some sort of workout everyday or every second day. It really seems to help when I have a picture or a phrase on my wall that shows me where I would like to be and then work towards that. Ever heard of a visionboard? Simply a board where you can draw, write or put pictures up of the things you would like to attract into your life and then look at it daily, to remind yourself why the hell you are getting out of this comfortable place called bed.

The other one is to remind you of where you are now and what do we have to loose if we try. Surely there will be bumps and failure but that’s the stuff that makes us grow.

I think I have had trouble with committing to something for too long, so I am going to commit to this blog right now and to keep up my writing, since it has helped many of you and well it really helps me too.

Tell me is there something you would like to commit to, something you have pushed in front of you far too long. Shoot me an email and subscribe to my blog.

Thanks for reading and ciao for now,




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