Start creating


Do you find yourself trapped in your mind? You know you are not really living your purpose but fear keeps control of you and you procrastinate rather than go out there and do what you really desire. Deep down you know you have so much more to give than your 9-5 daily grind and it eats you up from the inside. What can you do? How can we live the life we are supposed to live?

I have so many good intentions but I find excuses why not to do it and my mind seems to be the biggest enemy. I mean really if someone like Donald Trump can make it to president… That just shows that we are all capable of doing and living our dream life.

The trick is to do a little bit every day. Maybe make yourself a weekly planner where you give yourself some time working towards what it is you want to be. You get a new chance to change your life every second. No need to hold on to the past and blame it on others. (read my last article the blame game) Look yourself in the eye and ask yourself “Right now in what I am about to say or do, do my desires stem from my lower or my higher self ?”

Then act on it. Is it going to be scary, yeah sure in your head but once you take the first step, you can look at yourself and ask, “really, that wasn’t actually that hard.” Do a little bit everyday and by the end of the week you may have worked a full 7 hours towards who you want to be and it keeps adding up.

A lot of us are saying, ” well only if I had more money then I could do this or that.

I was chasing this thought for years and I have worked odd jobs here and there not wanting to put a label on me and fit into the system. Doesn’t make it easy I tell you. It really requires me to get out of bed and work towards the Hendrik I want to be. Lucky it isn’t too late.

But I came across this insight: Rather than chasing money and never really getting a job that was in alignment with me, try a different approach and create value for people.

Value for people, wow that’s a big one and now my thinking has changed and I am looking at what it is that people want in their life, how can I make it easier for them?

You start to think from a point of creation and not from fear. 

Just by starting to write this blog I had some great feedback from friends and strangers and it is the best payment I can get. Hearing that it helps you guys out there through difficult times is amazing. I can relate because my life isn’t always sunshine and flowers. Well maybe here in Byron Bay where I live it is almost everyday sunshine, but you know what I mean. No matter where you live you can create that life you want for you, sure move if you don’t like the place you live or you want to surf everyday but you live in the mountains. Well just move. Take that first step and eventually it becomes a dance.

“Life is the dancer and you be the dance.” – Eckhart Tolle

Ciao for now,


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