The blame game


When Life gets a bit tough we tend to blame it on someone/ something and therefore give ourself permission that it is ok to fail and be miserable. Rather than pulling the finger out and taking responsibility for ourself. It is so easy to find excuses and our mind loves to feed on it.

I want more out of life but I just want it to happen without putting the work in and if nothing happens I think the world is not treating me fair Why does he have everything and I don’t? Doesn’t even look like he is working, muahh


When I was a little child I just needed to make enough of a scene and when my parents finally gave in, they went out of their way and bought me the toy I pressured them for. Wrong parenting you think, well yeah now that I think about it I will do it different with my children, but I am sure my parents tried there very best. Unfortunately it set me up for failure, or has it? Is this just me blaming it on my past and using this as permission not to get my life together and go out there and work towards what I want.

 When we blame someone we say that person has more power over my life than me. 

The second we say “because of this… now we have actually justified why we can’t step into our power and why we don’t live to our potential.

What do you want in your life? You are with you 24/7 and you are not your circumstance you are the one who can change it. Yes you may have a more difficult way to get there because of money or other outer circumstances but you are so much bigger than that and only you can take the action.

I want to have a fit looking body and I have to go to the gym but I can’t afford to go…

Watch what your mind comes up with when you think of what it is that you want. I want to get fit..” Yeah but I can’t afford to pay the gym” “today I am not feeling so good, I should start when I am feeling better” “I already worked so hard today” “I try again tomorrow…” As soon as you do this you give away your power.

Don’t give away your power, don’t blame your parents for the past you have a new start now in this moment and you are the one in charge now. If you are running the addiction of blame catch yourself and everytime you notice slipping into the blame game focus on the moment. If you need look at other peoples examples. People that have had horrible childhoods and made a life. People like MJ.

How can someone else be the cause of our own success? No one can be to blame but you. Don’t point fingers just look in the mirror and if you feel like you are being mistreated or someone did you wrong, just stop and take a look at yourself because you are that someone that needs to step up and make a change. Remember Man in the Mirror

from Michael Jackson, oh yeah it starts with that person in the mirror.

Ciao for now, Hendrik



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