Relationship Part 2

Communicate from the heart.


Do you?

Are you afraid to be laughed at?

Why do we think about what other people think of us? Yeah, that last one doesn’t make a lot of sense but I’m also guilty of doing that.

In the first part about relationships we briefly talked about the different kind of relationships and how we deal with them.


To me everything happens for a reason and I believe that the partner you choose to spend part of your life with is there to teach you, to become a better you and evolve together and grow. Family is the relationship we can not escape from however our friends and or our romantic partners are something that we can choose.

Do you communicate enough with your partner about what makes you happy, what moves you?

I think communication is one of the key points in a happy relationship, if you don’t talk about what you’re feeling, then soon you starting to resent the other person and become very unhappy. Sometimes talking about what is making you upset or what moves you into an uncomfortable space can be very painful, but it allows you and your partner to hear the truth. When you speak from your heart what it is that makes you happy or sad, only then you can change and evolve.


Life is so simple yet we make it so complicated sometimes. Other times we don’t try enough, is there a rule to it all?

No, there isn’t simply speak from your heart listen to your heart and you will be on the right track. Sometimes we grow apart from each other sometimes we grow closer and closer…

Are you looking for a soulmate or a partner in crime?

It’s a small difference, yet it has quite an impact on us. A soulmate is someone that is connected with your soul, however that person doesn’t necessarily spend the rest of your life with you.

The partner in crime the lover or the life partner the one that you are trying to find to complete you if you will, that is the person which will spend the rest of your life with you. So be careful what you wish for. Make sure you know what you want and wanting to attract love into your life means to be in love with yourself and respect yourself no matter what, you come first this is not from a selfish point of view but from a healthy loving relationship to yourself because in the end we are are just who we are.

We have this amazing journey called life, that we can share with people, so spend it with the right people spend it with people that pick you up and make you feel good, talk about opportunities and how grateful you are about this amazing life and ensure that you show them that you care, listen, don’t interrupt, be respectful and kind, be like you would want to be treated yourself that is rule.

Let’s bring back the Gentleman!

Ciao for now,



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