Everything is temporary


This changes everything. If you think about it for a moment then you will realise that the possessions you now own will be gone tomorrow. Are you going to feel less?  If you say yes to this question, then you identify yourself with these things.

The truth is you are so much more than your car or your jacket. YOU are your creator of your reality! Can you let go of these things? It’s only the mind that thinks you are going to die when you don’t have this or that anymore in your life. But once you can accept that everything is temporary and you can let go of your possessions and become free.

Have you been in a relationship and your partner has left you?

How much more would you love something/someone if you know that it/he/she is going to be gone one day. When my partner said she wants to break up with me, it gave this relationship a new light. It moved from a place of this is ‘normal’ and I am comfortable in here, to hang on we have a month left before you go let us enjoy every second every minute of the day. We became more interested in the other person again there was this sudden underlaying fear of, oh no she will be gone and I want to spend as much quality, time, quality being the key word here with her as possible. Although I don’t think it came from a place of fear but more from a place of acceptance and understanding, that she had to move on and do this thing for herself. You start to appreciate the other person more, whether it is your wife or friend they are here for a short time only and they have chosen to walk along your side for a while, isn’t that just amazing?

Every conflict you had with your family and friends is temporary. Once its over its over and no need to hold on to it.


How often do you find yourself spending time with people that you like, yet there is no real reason to be there, nothing deep meaningful to talk about and when you try to make an attempt to speak about feelings and hey what moves you… you seem to get the cold shoulder and they change the subject quicker than you can change a babies diaper.

Well to be honest I never changed a babies diaper so it will probably take me quite some time, but you know what I mean. It leaves you empty, unlike the diaper you feel like you are wasting your time making conversation with people that don’t want to open up. Well the good news is that this also is temporary and you are in charge of your reality here, as soon as you notice this feeling come up, make a conscious decision and change something.

When we realise that everything in our life is temporary we can start living free.

Really we are just here for rent on this planet, we get to borrow the things we want and not own. That is an illusion, to own.

Only the mind and the temporary thinks it has conflict because it thinks it is permanent and it thinks that it is here to stay alive!

If you would like to watch a clip about this go here. Kyle Cease is someone that has been an inspiration to me for a while now and I love his stuff.

Thanks for reading and don’t hesitate to drop me an email or leave a comment.

Ciao for now,



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