Do we have too many choices? 

You know, I get totally overwhelmed when I go shopping for pretty much anything, In a supermarket my logic brain just turns into a fart and I consume without thinking, Especially when I go hungry and on top of that don’t have a list! That is just asking for disaster.

If you were to stand in front of a shelf with 100 different ketchup bottles would you still know which bottle to buy?

Or are you just simply overwhelmed and end up buying nothing…

Most likely the second , in fact Barry Schwartz did run a test on this matter if you fancy reading it.

Question: Is our life predetermined, or is the way of life to be freely chosen?
Krishnamurti: So long as we have choice, surely there is no freedom. Do not merely reject or accept it, but let us think it out together. The mind that is capable of choosing is not free because in choice there is always conflict, conscious or unconscious, and a mind that is in conflict is never free. Our life is full of conflict; we are always choosing between good and bad, between this and that; you know this very well. We are always comparing, judging, evaluating, accepting, rejecting -that is the process of our life, which is a constant struggle, and a mind that is struggling is never free.

Umpf ok, that one is a bit heavy but let us just move over to the choices in life we take regarding our job/career, where do we want to live? Is there a place where we can have it all?

The answer is…

In short, there is no answer to it. I believe the closest you can get to the right answer is through meditation, because only there within yourself can you feel home and secure and content and loved. You alone have the power to be all that to have all that inside.

The universe works in a beautiful way where, if you can feel it as if you already have it, law is that it will manifest, since the mind can not differentiate between true or not. Everything is vibration and if you are in alignment  with your highest self and you allow that vibration to think it, feel it and you shall receive it. Jerry and Esther Hicks have explained the Law of Attraction quite nicely.

Today we can have many jobs and many different educations, some of which I can’t even pronounce, but that might also be because german is my first language. So in this chaos of opportunities how does someone make the right choice for him/her?

I think it is good to challenge yourself and get out of your comfort zone to do the things you feel like you have a calling towards and they scare you on some level. These are the things that open new doors and make you feel alive. For me it is performing on stage with my band. Every time we play a gig I am nervous and scared and as soon as I overcome that feeling I feel alive and amazing.

It may not be going on stage for you but whatever it is go out there and do it. We only have this one life and we are better of living a life fulfilled than one that is only mediocre and doesn’t challenge us to our full potential. Go out there and just do it!!

Ciao for now,




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