routine is the enemy


When I am listening to the elderly generation they all say a similar thing, “I was just a teenager and I turn around and I am 80. What happened?

There is something in our society that speeds time up like nothing else and it is called routine.

From an early age we get put into routine, it is just a “normal” thing to do, starting with kindergarten, preschool, high school and so on… We get a completely designed life path since the day we hit kindergarten and swoosh, you are an adult who is supposed to know by now what to do with the rest of his life. Hmm, have you figured it out yet?


How about now?

And now?

I don’t think it is about figuring it out anymore, I think it is way more important to live in alignment with your higher self and be happy with the things you choose to do in life. It is not easy sometimes to forget about society’s pressure, or from your friends and family. My parents expected me to go to university and be someone, make good money, have a house, raise children, retire and die. Hmm, well that just wasn’t me!

Oh hang on if you friends pressure you maybe you should reconsider the friendship, same goes here with your job. Rather have one good friend that lifts your spirit and pulls you up when you are being not yourself than having lots and lots of friends that don’t give you any critical feedback.

No point making a lot of money if you are miserable. Rather do the things you love and if you put your love and passion and commitment into it, trust me the wealth will come with it since you serving the universe from your heart.


I tell you what, I am 37 years young and do you think I have figured it out? Nope. I rebelled against that way of living from an early age, I didn’t want to go and put some sort of label on me, get some piece of paper that says ” Mr. Kaiser spend another 5 years at university degree,” but hey each to their own. I did indeed choose a more tricky way since it meant I either have to set up my own business and make a lot of cash doing that so I can retire early, or I work odd jobs here and there and go travel the world, meet new people and discover new cultures. That was indeed my reality and this is not the truth for everyone. In fact there are many different ways of creating a harmonic, meaningful life! The big thing though is not to fall into a routine, where everyday is exactly the same because that is the one thing that stops our mind from working. It slows our imagination down and we start to feel numb. Time will fly in routine, but not everyone is ready to quit their job and travel to stimulate the senses and the good news is you don’t have to. Practise gratitude for what you have and surround yourself with people that you can have stimulating conversations with.

Meditate on a regular basis and stay aware as much as you can. Well and keep travelling a different road to work, wake up at a different time of the day, change your habits as much as you can and live your life as much as you can!

You only have this one and the more you go out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself the more magic can happen. Let it happen

Ciao for now,


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2 thoughts on “routine is the enemy”

  1. Thanks for sharing this! I resonate with this so much!! I recently graduated from uni but knew that the routine life was not for me! I decided to commit to writing and photography and have been loving the process ever since!

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