Listen to your body 

We have been given this amazing tool called body, that allows us to do almost impossible things, like swimming under ice ” World Champion freediver Stig Severinsen breaks new World Record 250 feet under ice in East Greenland – on a single breath of air.” Something like that seems unnatural and weird, yet we can train our body with the help of our mind to achieve incredible stunts like this one. So how come we are not in tune with our body all the time, especially in our daily chores. We are running our life way to much on autopilot and forget that we have something called a body barometer or natural guidance system, that indicates what our body needs in order to heal and stay healthy. Too many times we are driven by our addictions and follow an egoic decision and not a body heart based one.

If we’re not feeling too well most of the time we will go and see our doctor. The doctor has become someone like a God who knows everything and can cure us from almost anything. We even seem to be completely paralised in his or her presence and just swallow the tablets that suppress our symptoms and don’t look for the cause of the actual illness . After several years of studies do you really think someone else knows your body better than you do?  Yes sure there is a great understanding of medicine but, I personally believe in natural medicine and that we’ve been given everything by mother earth to heal us.

If you need a natural antibiotic, you can start with garlic if you need stronger ones you can go and use oregano oil. Now I am not a doctor but I can read and the antibiotics that have been subscribed to us are also killing the good bacteria that our body requires to heal itself.

If you have an infection you can use cabbage leaves to reduce the inflammation. I mean the list goes on and I will actually make one soon and put it on this blog to share. Until then…

Sleep is an amazing healer. Did you know that one of the main causes of stressed and unhappy people is simply because they don’t allow their body enough sleep and therefore not enough time to replenish and heal. 7 to 9 hours is the average of sleep required for a middle aged adult.

Sometimes when you feel tired during the day just go and lay down for half an hour and refuel your engines. You will be surprised how much more energy you have and your concentration picks up as well. Try not to sleep more than 45 min, otherwise you will fall into a deep sleep phase and you wake up feeling like someone hit you with the rubber mullet on the head…pexels-photo-326559

Back to hearing what our bodies have to say. Have you ever caught yourself holding your hand on your stomach and then realising that you are doing this because your stomach aches. Or you massage your foot because it hurts. These are all decisions that were initiated by your body and you just acted on them. So, you have listened to your body.  You don’t need your logic brain to go and think about these decisions, they just happen.

In our daily busy life we forget to listen to our body, only until something big happens like we fall ill or even an accident. That is our body screaming for attention from the observer = you. Finally when we can’t go to work and have to lay in bed we start to listen and it sends us back to when we were children because it seemed like we were more in touch with the body and nurturing was a daily practise for us.

So how do we put this into practise today? Well, there is a couple of steps that we can take, slow down , take a deep breath and move without getting the ego mind involved.

I also highly recommend to meditate, now I am not the greatest example here since I only really started meditating half a year ago but I feel like it makes a big difference in my mental state. I recently started using the moses code from author and entrepreneur Wayn Dyer for my meditation. He hasn’t written the music that credit goes to James F. Twyman but I am hooked and especially because it is 2 x 20 min so it fits into your busy daily life. You can split it up or just do a full 40 min meditation. Soooo nice…

So there you have it, be more in touch with yourself and listen to your inner guidance system.

The other day I went out for a kitesurf session and I did one trick after another. 2 hours later I decided to have a break because my body needed one and so as I come back to shore one friend asks me to show him one more trick. I decided against my inner guidance system that said ‘have a break’ and ego kicked in. Yeah sure I show you one last trick… Well turns out it was going to be the last trick for at least a month, since I sprained my ankle and had to rest and nurture my foot for a while. There was only one thing that came into my mind that made me angry, it was the fact that I didn’t listen to my body….

Thanks guys, please comment, share and email me if you want.

Ciao for now, HendrikDCIM100GOPRO



Photo source: Pixabay


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