Just be silly

What is transparent and smells like worms?

A birds fart.

Oh man that was funny, I was just thinking about making some old songs new. For example “dust in the wind” from Kansas which is such a beautiful song and I don’t mean to disrespect the art behind the work but wouldn’t it be funny if you grab your guitar and turn it into a fart song.


Weee and we had a laugh… Ok, you know life is so serious, we have to make all these big decisions and go to work to pay for our big decisions. You aren’t supposed to fool around all the time this life is a serious thing. Says who?
Ahh well, matter of fact laughing is the best medicine, apparently just pretending to laugh will set hormones free that make you feel good until you actually laugh for real and not only that, it helps the body to heal much like the purring of a cat. So lets all laugh a little more.


I am not very good a telling jokes, no hang on let me rephrase that, I am not very good at remembering someone elses well designed, well thought out joke. I am funny in the moment…You can ask my girlfriend, she loves my jokes. At least so she says or maybe just pretends… I am not sure anymore…

So where I am going with this is, with all this terror going on in the world all the stress you have in your life, be it from work or colleges, family or just your daily chores, try and let it go for a moment and think of something silly like when your dog slipped into the pool or your cat got stuck in the card board box, or when you yourself dropped some ice cream on your favourite blouse. Back then it probably wasn’t funny but now when you look back at it you can have a giggle, right?

Because you have detached yourself from the moment and from the blouse and you can now see it for what it really is. Something temporary. Something to adorn yourself with, just a thing not the real you.

I guess what I am trying to say is lets all have a little more fun in life more often. I hope it can make your day a little silly and goof around a bit until next time thanks for reading and ciao.




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