Songkran or the Thai New Year

This one is definitely for the water lovers, we are currently in Chiang Mai and it is the second day of the water festival also known as “songkran” or the Thai new year. Celebrating this tradition are young and old. All walking around with water guns or buckets to spray each other wet as to wash of the sins from the last year. Man and I must have been quite a sinner, completely soaked after just leaving our hotel for 2 min…

We managed to get a delicious meal in at the Salad Concept, wich I highly recommend if you want a break from the traditional thai food. I mean I love it but rice all the time…

And then we continued our way around the old city along the moat. It is such a good time getting wet and making people wet. After 3 hours of walking around soaking wet it was time for us to warm up again and dry off a little. No kidding there is a lot of ice water being tossed around and even though its almost 40 degrees it gets cold after a while.

If you want to read more about Songkran and it’s origin i’ve put the wikipedia page on this link.

Well I think after a bit of relaxing we are ready for yet another round of water spraying fun!!

Until then Hendrik


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